17 February, 2012 The 57,600 residents covered by private health insurance will be hard hit by Julia Gillard’s decision to break another promise and means test the private health insurance rebate. Federal Member Scott Buchholz said every person in Wright with privat... Read more
14 February, 2012 Local motorists can expect to feel more pain thanks to ongoing manipulation of petrol shopper docket schemes. Local federal MP Scott Buchholz said the Coalition has written to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate... Read more
04 January, 2012 TONY ABBOTT:It’s good to be here in Grantham. I want to thank Scott Buchholz for all the work he has done for the people of his electorate, particularly the people of the Lockyer Valley in the twelve months since this area was hit by Australia’s most... Read more
17 August, 2011 Like all Australians, I was shocked and deeply disturbed by the mistreatment of Australian livestock exposed during the Four Corners program on 30 May 2011. As a cattle owner myself I do not condone any ill-treatment of animals such as we’ve seen in ... Read more
02 August, 2011 Federal Member Scott Buchholz has called on all levels of government to implement the Flood Inquiry’s recommendations before the next wet season. The report handed down yesterday by the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry contains 175 recommenda... Read more
11 July, 2011 “The Labor/Greens carbon tax will drive up prices, threaten jobs and do nothing for the environment,” Federal Member for Wright Scott Buchholz said today.   “Australia’s forgotten families are already struggling and the carbon tax will make a... Read more
16 May, 2011 A federal member of parliament has questioned the motives and direction of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry.   Federal Member for Wright Scott Buchholz, whose electorate covers the Lockyer Valley region that has dominated the inquir... Read more
15 May, 2011 Federal MP for Wright Scott Buchholz has labelled the federal budget a “tragedy for the families of Wright” and said people across the electorate are shocked and disappointed.   He labelled it “visionless” and pointed out that the two billion ... Read more
13 May, 2011 Federal Member for Wright Scott Buchholz has turned to social network site “Facebook” to interact directly with his constituents following this week’s federal budget.   He has created a Facebook Page discussion forum and wants people in his el... Read more
06 May, 2011 A first-time federal MP whose maiden parliamentary speech included a commitment to fight for more money in the pockets of “mums and dads” has made a passionate pre-budget plea to the Prime Minister.   Member for Wright Scott Buchholz has spent... Read more
01 March, 2011 Federal MP for Wright Scott Buchholz has appealed to the federal and Queensland governments to immediately fix the unacceptable delay in getting money to the victims of the Lockyer Valley floods, many who have still received nothing.   Mr Buch... Read more
18 January, 2011 Federal MP for Wright, Scott Buchholz has announced that 48 crisis-care chaplains will arrive in the Lockyer Valley regions that suffered the State’s greatest loss of life. The chaplains are from Chaplaincy Australia, the peak chaplaincy accreditati... Read more
18 January, 2011 Federal MP for Wright Scott Buchholz has thanked Queenslanders for remembering the people of the Lockyer Valley by observing a minute’s silence yesterday. The state stopped for a minute at 2:33pm – exactly a week after the massive storm hit Toowoom... Read more
17 January, 2011 The federal MP for Wright – which takes in the Lockyer Valley towns of Grantham, Withcott and Murphy’s Creek that were demolished by the massive wall of water that hit the region a week ago – has asked all Queenslanders to observe one minute’s silenc... Read more
16 January, 2011 Words really cannot express what the people of the Lockyer Valley are feeling at the moment. In fact I don’t even think they could accurately describe their thoughts. What we do know is that the events of this past week are unprecedented in this nat... Read more
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