A budget that leaves us moneyless and speechless.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Federal MP for Wright Scott Buchholz has labelled the federal budget a “tragedy for the families of Wright” and said people across the electorate are shocked and disappointed.


He labelled it “visionless” and pointed out that the two billion dollar reduction in the family tax benefit will bring further hurt to family budgets already stretched through rising utility, petrol and grocery prices.


“I am trying to find an example of good economic management within the budget papers but I simply can’t,” he despaired.


Mr Buchholz reaffirmed his election commitment to do all in his power to put more money in the pockets of mums and dads. “To the 32,813 families across my electorate I say, ‘We will continue to fight for justice’.”


The Wright electorate has also been ignored in the area of road funding. “The 111,184 registered vehicle owners within Wright will not see one extra cent being spent in this region: No additional money for the Mudgeeraba M1 upgrade, no funding for the Toowoomba by-pass, no additional funding for the Mt. Lindsay and Warrego upgrades,” Mr Buchholz said.


Pensioners were budget-losers too, according to the MP. “I think the 14,182 pensioners in Wright would have preferred cheaper electricity prices instead of an over valued $400 set top box,” he said.


Mr Buchholz pointed out that it’s possible to purchase entire digital-capable televisions for the same price. “This government is addicted to wasteful spending.”


He pointed out that the coming carbon tax will only increase the financial pressure across his electorate and the entire nation. “I reaffirm what the Opposition Leader said last night – The Coalition will oppose the carbon tax in opposition and repeal it in government.”


“We are committed to bringing the Government to account and keeping unnecessary spending and costs down to ease the burden on families and business.” Mr Buchholz vowed to ensure the families and people of Wright are not forgotten by the Federal Government.

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