21 October, 2019  It's my honour to rise in the chamber and to respond to the Governor-General's speech. Can I say at the outset how deeply honoured I am to be returned as the member for Wright, representing an electorate that is arguably one of the most diverse... Read more
16 October, 2019 I'd like to start by thanking all the member in the House who have made a contribution to this debate this afternoon.  From 1 January 2020 ships worldwide must use fuel that does not exceed 0.50 per cent sulphur by weight. This global sulph... Read more
16 October, 2019  I thank the Deputy Speaker for the opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of the Honourable Tim Fischer to our nation. I had the pleasure of knowing Tim Fischer. In fact, before I came to this place, he appointed me chair of what was then... Read more
30 July, 2019 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Assistant Minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport) (15:38):   It is a great opportunity to stand at the despatch box and talk about this government's infrastructure achievements in regional Australia.&n... Read more
30 November, 2018 We often, and rightly so, as a community pause to remember those brave Australian men and woman who have sacrificed it all for our country. Earlier this month at 11 am on the 11th November we came together to remember those who have served from WW1 ... Read more
04 June, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:50): Recently, I was honoured to be named patron and No. 1 ticketholder of the Standardbred Association Queensland, or SAQ as they are known. Celebrating its 20th year in 2018, the SAQ was founded in 1998 and was primarily e... Read more
Keep our School Chappies: Speech to Parliament
29 March, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:34): I rise in the House to add my voice to the many voices advocating for our school chaplaincies and the National School Chaplaincy Program. The chaplains make a real difference in our school communities, and, with the support of the Scripture Union chaplaincy, our chappie... Read more
Labor's Class Warfare: Speech to Parliament
26 March, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (19:45): I rise today to call out Labor's favourite political tactic, and that would be the old class warfare dog whistle—rich versus poor; haves versus have-nots; a black and white, zero-sum game that holds to the socialist ideals and those communist undertones. It's... Read more
Congratulations Beaudesert State High School: Speech to Parliament
26 March, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (16:11): I recently had the pleasure to attend the Beaudesert State High School's leadership induction ceremony and congratulated each of the students on reaching their final years in their step on their schooling journey. I challenged them to follow the exemplary work of the cl... Read more
Congratulations student leaders: Speech to Parliament
27 February, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:47): The new school year is now well and truly upon us. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of my local students, both primary and secondary, in the electorate of Wright. It was my pleasure to recently attend the Beechmont State School leadership presen... Read more
Australian farmers punching above their weight: Speech to Parliament
12 February, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:40): Agriculture touches the lives of all Australians through the food we eat, the natural fibres that we wear and the economic prosperity that we all enjoy. If agriculture exporting were an Olympic sport, Australia would be at the top of the medal tally. According to the Me... Read more
Recognition for Lieutenants Harry 'Breaker' Morant, Peter Handcock and George Witton: Speech to Parliament
12 February, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (10:13): I move: That this House: (1) notes that: (a) approximately 16,000 Australians fought in the Boer War in contingents raised by the Australian colonies or the Commonwealth Government (after 1901), or joined British and South African colonial units; (b) Australians, Li... Read more
Economy on the right track: Speech to Parliament
06 February, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (19:00): I offer my affirmation and support for the member for Solomon's contribution on cyberbullying. It's a space in which we all have to take responsibility, including parents. I wish the parliament well in its deliberations and hopefully we will land somewhere that addresse... Read more
Congratulations to new Australian citizens and Australia Day Award recipients: Speech to Parliament
06 February, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (13:31): It was my pleasure more recently to attend the Scenic Rim and Lockyer Valley regional councils' Australian citizenship ceremonies and welcome Wright's newest Australian citizens. It was also a great opportunity to honour the outstanding achievements of local individuals... Read more
Make your health your New Year's resolution: Speech to Parliament
05 February, 2018 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright) (16:15): As we welcomed in the year 2018, many Australians made resolutions at the beginning of the new year: getting into shape, reading more or learning a new language. It's still early, but I hope everyone's still committed to their resolutions. For those who didn't make one,... Read more
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