02 December, 2014 It gives me great pleasure to speak on the Treasury Legislation Amendment (Repeal Day) Bill 2014—the spring repeal day. Potentially, the bill has four very important schedules to it. The member before me spoke so eloquently and passionately abo... Read more
01 December, 2014 I rise to speak on the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014. There is a very good reason that this bill is before the House. Most Australians are acutely aware of the threat posed on the national landscape and Australia's involve... Read more
02 October, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (11:19): It would appear at the outset that the world is moving off its axis from a social perspective; it would appear that the harmony and the equilibrium that provide the balanced nature of the way that ... Read more
22 September, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (16:36): I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and praise one of my local communities in the light of their upcoming fundraising event. The township of Canungra is a small, rural and pictures... Read more
01 September, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (11:58): I appreciate the opportunity to stand in the House and speak once again on an issue that touches me deeply. Before coming to this House I was a state board director of Lifeline Queensland and spent... Read more
01 September, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (16:17): Recently, my office was advised by none other than the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Education, that Bryce Lee-Bennett, a school lad from my electorate, is a more recent recipient of the A... Read more
17 July, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (15:50): I welcome the member for McMahon back into the chamber and note with interest that the terms of the matter of public importance contain the word 'chaotic'—it is always a pleasure to have him ... Read more
16 July, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (18:04): I rise here to support the minister in this appropriation deliberation. I bring to everyone's attention the fact that, once again, we have inherited a Labor mess. Whether it be at a federal level o... Read more
16 July, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (18:40): My question goes to the parliamentary secretary regarding Budget Paper No. 2, page 233, on smaller government, surplus Commonwealth properties and divestiture of some non-defence surplus Commonweal... Read more
14 July, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (17:35): Tonight I rise to speak on behalf of my constituents who struggle on a daily basis to send a text message or receive a call or receive or send a simple email due to significant shortcomings in the ... Read more
14 July, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (19:12): It is a pleasure to be able to stand in this House once again speaking to the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Amendment Bill 2014. I remind the House that in the last parliament I put forward... Read more
26 June, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (10:15): One of the privileges of being a member in this House is that, on occasions, I have the opportunity to stand and sing the praises of outstanding contributions by people in my community, the people ... Read more
17 June, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (18:56): My question goes to the minister who has auspices over the Sports portfolio. Like the minister, as Queenslanders we have an intrinsic love of sport. Sport is as much a part of our identity and cult... Read more
17 June, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (20:15): I take this opportunity to thank the minister for being able to ask a question of him that pertains to his portfolio interest of immigration. In particular, my question goes to border security. Can... Read more
16 June, 2014 Mr BUCHHOLZ (Wright—Government Whip) (18:27): Border protection is an issue that is front and centre in the debate nationally. In asking a question on the issues of border protection, I pick up on one of the points that the previous speaker ra... Read more
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