Stop Labor's Retiree Tax


I am deeply concerned that Labor's Retiree Tax will hurt retirees and low income earners - by abolishing tax refunds for share dividends that so many retirees rely on.

Labor's $45 billion tax grab would hit 900,000 individuals, 200,000 self-managed super funds and 2,000 super funds.84% of people impacted are on taxable incomes below $37,000. That just not fair!

Our seniors have worked hard all their lives and deserve much better. It's concerning that, despite expert opinion and the weight of evidence showing what a devastating impact this policy will have, Labor is insisting it will go ahead. If they can treat our low income seniors like this, who will be next?

I am determined to stop Labor's Retiree Tax. Please sign the petition below to help me fight against this unfair tax grab.

Scott Buchholz MP
Member for Wright

 Authorised by S Buchholz MP, 21 William Street, Beaudesert 4285