Get Mt Lindesay Moving

It’s time to get the Mount Lindesay Upgrade Moving.

Concerns in the community are mounting over the Mount Lindesay Highway Upgrade delay from Joanna Street to South Street in Jimboomba.

Despite securing funding in the 2020 Federal Budget, progress remains stagnant, not an inch of bitumen has been laid or a single shovel in the ground. With the project’s commencement date pushed from early 2022 to early 2023, and now further delays are anticipated given we are well into 2024.

The community’s right to demand transparency and action from State and Federal Labor governments to fulfilling funding commitments to ensure a safer Mount Lindesay Highway in Jimboomba, which also helps to alleviate congestion.

I’m calling on local residents to support my call for action by signing the below petition.

It’s time to get the Mount Lindesay Upgrade moving.

Kind regards,

The Hon. Scott Buchholz MP
Federal Member for Wright

Get Mt Lindesay Moving

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